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Treating Animals Today, Training Vets For Tomorrow

Worldwide Vets is a non-profit organisation that aims to reduce suffering, advance welfare and improve medical care available to all species worldwide. 


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In order to achieve this goal, we work in over 10 countries, across 4 continents, supporting local people and animals, vet clinics and conservation initiatives. Each of our locations is unique, but whether we are working with wild or domestic animals, helping shelters, organising TNR campaigns or training local vets, the aim is the same: to improve the lives of the animals in our care. 

We offer a multi-modal approach to assisting animals, including:

  • Sending vets to areas needing support

  • Sourcing and sending medications and equipment

  • Training local vets and technicians

  • Ongoing volunteer programs and set date outreach missions 



It all started with a dog...


In 2006, Worldwide Vets’ director, Dr Gemma Campling, was on holiday in India. She was enjoying the cool mountain air of the Himalayas, with its beautiful scenery, towering temples and welcoming hospitality. Then a small black dog limped out in front of her, and it changed her life forever.

As she approached, the weak little dog cowered behind a car. Gemma could see the bones of her foot sticking out, the limb had been shredded from involvement in a road traffic accident. She tried in vain to find a veterinarian to assist the dog. There were no local vets in the area, those further afield did not have the means to reach her.

She swore that she would change this situation, and the concept of Worldwide Vets was born.


Worldwide Vets works for charities

and organisations who need extra

support and funding to reach as many animals as possible. We send out medical equipment, provide logistical support and most importantly we send volunteers, animal lovers just like you.

Volunteers include veterinarians, nurses, students, those with no training but a deep love for animals and making a difference. People with a fire in their bellies to step out of the world they know, to travel far from home, and help the helpless.


Worldwide Vets is registered in the UK, with our administrative head office close to London, England. We are also registered as a charity within the US. Further afield, we are working across the globe to strive for better animal welfare. We work in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, having clinics or teams in India, Borneo, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Ghana, Cambodia, Peru, Costa Rica and Madagascar, to name just a few.


Our dedicated team of vets, nurses, technicians, and conservation support staff work every day of the year to ensure that any animal presented to us can receive the best possible care and treatment. The jobs are diverse and varied. On any given day, between the four continents where we operate, our team are carrying out worthwhile missions for a range of animals. It may be that we are rescuing snared wildlife or translocating endangered species like lions, rhinos, elephants, pangolins, turtles or sloths to safer environments. Often we are reaching deep into poverty-stricken communities, providing preventative and reactive medicine to dogs and cats, cows, goats, sheep and poultry.

Community education and empowerment is an important part of our ethos, and we strongly believe that the local communities are the best people to care for local animals. It is through capacity building, education and school teaching sessions that we really make a sustainable difference in the countries where we operate.


We welcome volunteers to join our mission and contribute to the role we play. Doing so is a great way to give something back to the world around you, saving innocent lives, alleviating poverty and playing your part in sustaining the natural and cultural planet we know today.  It is a chance to challenge yourself, learn new skills, make a difference, and see the world in a new light, being welcomed to each destination not as a tourist, but as a helper and member of our family. With the challenges facing us all in the 21st century, there has never been a more important time for volunteers to come together and take responsibility for the animals and world around us.


Every year we have around 400 volunteers join us from all corners of the world. Many volunteers are applying to or already studying at some of the world's top institutions such as those listed below. We are honored to have done presentations, interactive sessions and practicals about working with animals and conservation on site at most of these schools.

Can my attendance count as British EMS and C-EMS, now that paid placements are not allowed?

YES! Our project fee covers the cost of your accommodation, food, and airport transfers. Much like the costs of staying in a hotel or B&B if training away from home in the UK. We don’t charge for your training or spending time with our vets. We love having students along to learn from us, and be inspired to support charitable work. We have a reliable and trusted accommodation for each project, so ask all volunteers to stay in our chosen lodging.

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